Casa Milà – La Pedrera Colouring Page

Casa Milà - La Pedrera Colouring Page

About The Amazing of Casa Milà – La Pedrera Colouring Page

Casa Mila known as La Pedrera is a modernist building in Barcelona, ​​Catalonia, Spain. It was the last civil work designed by Catalan architect Antoni Gaudi, built between 1906 and 1910. The building was commissioned in 1906 by Pere Mila i Camps and his wife Roser Segimon i Artells. At that time, the building became controversial because of the rock facade and wrought iron balustrade and windows designed by Josep Maria Jujol.

Construction of Casa Mila is experiencing a lot of delays because the building exceeds the height and width set by local standards. That resulted in some fine for Sir Milà. Guadi left the work in 1909 due to differences in opinion with Mila in interior decoration.

Throughout the year La Pedrera has undergone several transformations until it was acquired by Caixa Catalunya in 1986. Caixa Catalunya has undertaken conservation and restoration works between 1987 and 1996. It is arguably architecturally innovative, with rocks that can stand alone and columns in parts front and floor free of load bearing walls. Also an innovative underground garage.

In 1984 the building was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. Today, Casa Mila is the Fundació-Catalunya La Pedrera headquarter, which manages exhibitions, activities and community visits at Casa Mila.

Currently Casa Mila is the headquarters of the Catalunya-La Pedrera Foundation and has a cultural center which is a reference point in Barcelona for different activities and spaces for exhibitions and other public use.

Casa Mila is currently a shining lighthouse with creations and knowledge, a massive container full of content, which plays an important role in the transformation of society and commitment to the people.

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