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Being a professional captain is a much-needed skill by a private company or a country, but behold such a important responsibility, a person should have a better, more qualified experience so that when facing all obstacles it will be easier to cope with the most demanding task of a ship. The sea is a ship’s captain. What is the responsibility of a Captain?

A captain has a heavy duty and responsibility, and has an important role in carrying out his duties in the ship. While sailing to port one to another port destination a ship captain is responsible, in determining the decisions taken so that the safety of the passengers is well preserved.

It the duties of the Captain as the holder of Public Authority in making sure the serenity on the ship. It is a point that everyone who is on the ship, whoever he is, without exception should be obedient and obedient to the orders given by a captain, this is for the creation of security and order on board. So there is no one reason whatsoever made by the people who are on the ship to oppose from the command given by a ship captain as long as the order is still in accordance with the rules and not deviates from the legislation.

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