Brave Doraemon in Armour Colouring Page

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Brave Doraemon in Armour Colouring Page

About Brave Doraemon in Armour Colouring Page

Doraemon, a blue robotic cat with round face is the main character in this series. He was send from the future from the 22th century by one of the descendent of Nobita. Doraemon is really someone who Nobita could turn to whenever he has problems. Not only Nobita, Doraemon also helps others too such as Suneo, GIant and Shizuka,

Doraemon has a lot of cool tools from the future. The most famous was takecopter which able to take the user to wherever they want to be. aahh! If only it was real, surely everyone would want it. Apart of having may cool things, Doraemon is also brave too. He does not like to see other in trouble. The only thing that would make Doraemon fright would probably only the mouse.

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