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In Mexico, Central America, the United States and Canada, tortillas are unsweetened flat bread made from corn or wheat. What is made of milled corn is a North American tortilla and is widely regarded as an ‘authentic’ tortilla. The fact is that this type of tortilla had existed before the arrival of Europeans in the Americas, and got the name ‘tortilla’ from the Spaniards because of its resemblance to the traditional Spanish cakes and eggs. Based on the science of the origin of the word (etymological), the word tortilla comes from the word torta which means a round cake.

Tortilla made from wheat is an innovation after flour is brought to the New World from Spain when the area is still a Spanish colony. This bread is made from a watery and unsweetened dough, which is then diluted and cooked like a corn tortilla. This wheat tortilla is very similar to the famous yamless bread in Arabia, the countries of the Eastern Mediterranean and South Asia, although thinner and smaller in size. In China known laobing (烙餅), thick cake shaped like a round pizza, while in India there is a bread made of wheat. Both are examples of cakes from other countries that are similar to tortillas.

It So Yummy! A Full Meal Pack In Tortilla Colouring Pages

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