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When we said about being a maid, surely the people would think this is just a job for foreigners. Furthermore, in this sophisticated era, not so many people who want to choose a job as a maid. Even if the job as a maid is considered trivial, do not be surprised if you find that their wallet is thick too. You know why? Because the maid is one of the easy jobs and can be done by anyone, it is even paid with a relatively high salary rather than a job equivalent.

In this years, maid is considered one of the most important person in a family too usually a family coming from a wealth family. This are a person who make the house coming together by keeping them clean and cook for the whole family. Sometimes, the children also likely to be close to their maid rather than with the parent.Ironically,this is because the parent nowadays spend less and less time with the children when compared to the maid. It might be because of the parent spend to much time in seeking the money but neglect their responsibility toward their children.

There is too many cases that can be found nowadays, where the morality of the children become low as they become more and more rude and ignorant. This might be one of the cause. Sometimes, even a maid has better understanding towards the children when compare to the parent.

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