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7 Food Movie Theater Different Country

Usually we will eat popcorn or corn jelly, carbonated water other snack foods when watching the movie.

The food menu for the cinema is different and interesting if you visit several countries as in the list below.

1. Finland

Puppets in the Finnish country are most interesting in our opinion as they sell various types of jelly to eat while watching the puppet.

2. Mexico

Meanwhile, in Mexico there is a cracker known as Tostilocos sold in the cinema and the country’s stadium. The food consisted of nachos, chili sauce, cucumber, jicama, oranges and nuts. Take a look!

3. Greece

In Greece, eating Souvlaki or more easily known as beef skewer while watching movies is considered normal as there is a menu of this dish in the country’s cinema.

4. India

In addition, Samosa is sold in a cinema in India because Samosa is considered a regular snack there.

5. Colombia

The most extreme cinema food is in the Colombian state as they sell baked ants or better known as Hormiga Culona.

6. China

Unlike in China, they prefer to eat snacks such as kuaci, acid and dried squid when watching movies.

7. Taiwan

However, most popular snacks are sold in Taiwan’s theaters because they sell chicken popcorn. Imagine before the start of the story must be eaten because it is very good.

It is interesting if we can experience different experiences if traveling abroad and can try their rare traditional food in our country.

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